The Best Impact Wrench For Changing Tires

If you have ever changed your own tires before, you know that you will need specific tools to get the job done. It’s very different when you to simply take this to a local mechanic which will have power tools that can complete these jobs in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for the best one, specifically designed for changing tires, here is how you can obtain one of these for a reasonable price.

What Does An Impact Wrench Do?


Also referred to as a socket wrench, these are typically a power tool that is designed to provide an exceptional amount of high torque. There will be minimal exertion on the part of the individual using it because it typically uses compressed air to function. This is likely that something that you would have access from your vehicle, but you could certainly use this within your shop. If you are a professional mechanic, you probably have several of these so that you can change tires rapidly.

How Do They Work?


Whether you are using one that is stationary or cordless, you can benefit from either of these when you are trying to change a tire. When you pull the trigger, there is a rotating mass that will store all of this energy that will accelerate and very high RPMs. This power will be sent out into what is called the output shaft. This is sometimes referred to as the angle. This impact on the lug nuts of your car tire will then cause them to become loose so you can change it yourself.

What Is The Best Impact Wrench For Changing Tires?


If you want to get one that you can use not only at home, but on the road, cordless impact wrenches are the ones that you will want to get. There are two companies that produce some of the best ones in the industry. One is from the Milwaukee company and the other comes from DeWalt. The one that you choose will be based upon what you would prefer in terms of size, speed, and the amount of torque that they can produce.

You may also be concerned about the voltage that is used, and the number of impacts per minute, plus the battery life of these units as well. Whether you choose the Milwaukee 2767-20 or the DEWALT DCF899HB, you will find that both of these are very effective. You will simply need to find one that is more affordable for you which can be accomplished when searching on the web.

How Long Does It Take To Find One?


Finding one is simple because of the popularity of these portable tools. It will likely be easier when you are searching for these well-known brands. What might be difficult is finding a company that will sell you one for a very low cost. This is because they tend to be much more expensive. Your research will likely lead to several different advertisements from these companies that are promoting each one. All you have to do is find one that you can afford.

After a few hours of research, you will likely locate one of the top sources for these impact wrenches that are used for changing tires. Whether you choose the one from Milwaukee or the one that is built by the DeWalt company, you will be very happy with the capabilities of these units. When you have one available, you will never have to worry about changing your tire on the road again. You will know that either of these will do the job when it comes to taking off your tire and putting it back on. More at